Roll a Ball Derby

Scotland’s Only Mobile Roll A Ball Derby

Our latest retro game is Roll a Ball Derby. To win the race, roll the ball in your lane and aim for the top score! Simple! Slow down – it’s not that easy – the more frantic you become, the slower your camel (horse or reindeer) moves. You need to be patient and steady to win this race.

Roll a Ball Derby is a great game for any event – weddings, conferences, team building, fund raising, parties, festivals, trade exhibitions. As we said, pretty much any event!


We have three main themes:

  • Arabian Derby – camels lead the way
  • Kentucky Derby – this time it’s the horses
  • Christmas Derby – reindeers ready for Santa

Personal Branding

Want something that suits your organisation/event a bit better? Ask about our custom branding. We can produce racing figures in any shape (including your boss 🤣) and include your business colours and logos.S