Roll a Ball Derby

Check out our exciting promotional video of Scotland’s Only Roll A Ball Derby. One of the most popular funfair / carnival games in the UK. Now available for any type of event.

Scotland’s Only Mobile Roll A Ball Derby – How To Play
Roll Up! Roll Up! Are you ready? And they’re off!
Our latest exciting entertainment game is the Roll a Ball Derby. To play this fast paced, addictive fun game, all you have to do is roll the ball in your lane and aim for the top score! Not as easy as you think. Racing against other people, who are all as keen as you to win, you have to keep a cool head and concentrate on the high scores. Depending on the colours you score on the board, will determine how fast you move forward. The more frantic you play, the slower your racing figure moves. The moment you take your “eye off the ball”, you’ll lose valuable points. Listen to the fabulous compere with his fun commentary, to guide you to the finish line!
Roll a Ball Derby is a great game for any event – weddings, conferences, team building, fund raising, parties, festivals, trade exhibitions. 


We have three main themes:

  • Arabian Derby – hot sand for the racing camels at many uk seaside and funfair resorts.
  • Kentucky Derby – the going’s good for the horses, racing to win the cup!
  • Christmas Derby – racing for Santa, Rudolph, Vixen, Comet & Dasher!

Personal Branding

We can produce racing figures in any shape or design, from products to caricatures of people. Ideal as an exhibition game, trade show or promotion, we can actually ‘wrap’ the complete game with your brand. Another favourite is personalising the game for a themed event. Contact us today for full details.